Three Property Landscaping Tips to Prepare Your Yard for Spring

Spring is just around the corner. Better days are upon us, which is why we need to prepare for it. If you’re excited about Spring, then know that your yard is as well. That’s why you need to make essential preparations to ensure that your landscaping is on point for the upcoming season. With that said, here are three property landscaping Adelaide tips that will help you prepare your yard for Spring:

Tip #1: Apply Fertilisers and Pre-Emergents

At this point during the year, your lawn is probably full of unwanted weeds and shrubs. The best way to take control of them is to have them removed even before you see them. Weeds start to germinate during the summer season when the climate is the warmest. If ignored, they can potentially cause havoc to your landscaping during the Spring season. That’s why you need to apply a pre-emergent right away before following it up with a post-emergent application when Spring is just a few days away to keep weeds at bay.

Besides, to prevent these weeds from coming back, apply a slow release fertiliser. Not only will it kill off any presence of weed but will also give your grounds the right amount of nutrients.

Tip #2: Treat for Various Types Of Worms In Your Soil

If you notice that small critters like possums are digging up your landscape, that’s an indication that cutworms and grub worms have infected your lawn area. It left untreated; your lawn will resemble no man’s land during warfare with all of the holes that these pests are going to make. Keep these worms removed by applying a granular insecticide or larvicide to keep them from reproducing.

Tip #3: Encourage New Growth by Pruning New Trees

The cold season is a great time to prune your trees because there is less fungal disease, and they are less stressed. Pruning will give your trees a fresh, clean set of fronds in time for Spring to kick in. At the same time, it also promotes growth. Keep in mind that when pruning varieties of trees that some limbs may also need to be pruned even though they’re not sagging yet. If not pruned, the limbs will likely sag once new growth buds out.

These three property landscaping Adelaide tips will make sure that your landscape is ready for the Spring, as well as keep it looking fresh and attractive. For more gardening tips, check out our blog page section on our website.