The Reasons Behind Removing a Tree Stump on Your Property

No matter how beautiful and wonderful a tree is, time will come that you need to let go and entirely remove it off your property. No doubt that a tree can add aesthetic appeal to property; however, if not maintained properly, it might cause significant damage to your property such as attacking your water pipes with its already enormous roots and it shows a possibility of falling onto your house any time soon. Or maybe it keeps you from remodelling your home.

Whatever the reason may be, location, size or disease, you will need to cut your trees eventually. An essential thing that people tend to fail in giving attention after cutting down a tree is the stump that is left behind. Sometimes, people decide to leave it in their property because they believe that it’s not worth the extra effort and cost. However, even if it is nowhere near as dangerous to an unstable tree, it still possesses numerous issues that can affect both people and property. That’s why it is necessary that you tap the services of stump removal – company who can get rid of those professionally.

  1. Stumps give way for the tree to grow back.

Leaving the tree’s root system completely intact can trigger regrowth. A tree’s root system stretches as far as the branches can when the tree was standing and more often even farther. Take note that the roots of your tree will not die right away after cutting it down. It may sustain nutrients from the surrounding most especially from the stump. Undoubtedly, unattended roots can destroy your land and other neighbouring structure as it continually grows and will ultimately defeat the purpose of cutting down the tree in the first place.

  1. The presence of a stump is attractive to insects and pests.

Termites and carpenter ants are ore only some of the pests that are attracted to stay in a stump that has been left unattended for ages and becomes dead wood. Carpenter ants create tiny tunnels through the wood of your home to make nests, while termites feed on the wood. Among the two, termites are the worst. Hire stump removal – services to prevent a sure-fire pest infestation on your property.

  1. Stumps will hurt your chances of improving your home’s appeal.

As mentioned earlier, trees undeniably provide beauty and can add significant value to a property, but time will come that cutting down will become necessary. And leaving an unsightly stump on your garden will dramatically decrease the overall amount of your property. It is especially true if the gnarled stumps that trees leave behind when they fall after a storm. It is necessary to keep your yard clean and beautiful and free from any unsightly stumps most especially if you have plans to sell your property soon.